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Accounts Payable Association Certified Training Courses

Accounts Payable Association certified training courses are transforming the AP industry by offering the opportunity to gain a recognised and valued qualification.

Unlike other business functions, Accounts Payable professionals have not had access to certified training from a professional body.

This has led to complaints of no visible career paths, not being appreciated, and feeling undervalued. Individuals that wanted to take actions to advance their own careers had few options.

Managers had no resources to support staff training or succession planning. When interviewing staff there was limited quantifiable evidence of capability available.

In a recent survey we carried out, 70% of AP professionals said access to qualifications and training would assist their professional development.


Employers across the UK

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APA Manager Course

Become a certified AP Manager

It is proven that employers often look for certification as the differentiator when recruiting. Thus, being certified in your chosen field will help in both your immediate and long-term career.

Why enrol on the APA Managers Course?

  • Join the growing elite group of Accounts Payable Association certified AP Managers in the UK.
  • Learn how to successfully manage, develop and retain AP team of all sizes.
  • Learn and implement new processes, procedures and controls within your current team or organisation to create efficiency and cost saving.
  • Increase your own personal earning potential with an industry recognised certification.
  • Gain access to discussion forums exclusively for AP certified individuals.

What does the APA Manager Course cover?

The APA Manager course is an in-depth course covering all aspects of Accounts Payable and management and development of AP teams. 

Example Modules include:

  • Process
  • Suppliers
  • VAT
  • Technology
  • AP Leadership
  • Complaints and difficult situations
  • AP presentations
  • KPI's
  • AP Management, Performance and Motivation
  • and much more - a full curriculum can be viewed below

Upon successful completion of the APA Manager course, you will be allowed to display APAM after your name and you will receive an official certificate awarded by the Accounts Payable Association. You will also have the ability to link your certiciate to your LinkedIn profile for employers, recruiters and fellow LinkedIn'er to view.

The APA Manager course is also offered as a classroom-based 'Fast Track' course which is completed over a 2 day period with an APA certified trainer and a group of up to 12 students. For more information see APA Manager Fast Track.

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Enrolling is simple - Either navigate to a 'Buy £xx' button at the top of this page or call us directly on 0330 120 0517

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Benefits of the APA Managers Certificate


Become amongst the first to receive the prestigious APA Managers Certificate. This helps to ensure your skills are recognised, valued, and acknowledged.


Become more skilled and qualified in performing your day-to-day role in AP.

Career Advancement

Opens horizons to career advancement opportunities within your own organisation and to prospective employers.


Demonstrates your commitment to and expertise in the AP function.


Keep abreast of AP industry trends, legislation, and new development.


An opportunity to network with fellow AP professionals in our online forums.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

“Do I need to buy and learning material?”

No, all of the learning materials required for undertaking and successfully completing the course are included within the online learning management system, which you will have access to for 12 months.

“How long does it take to complete the APA Manager course?”

The APA Manager course is an in-depth course which covers all non-management and management areas of Accounts Payable. This course requires approximately 50 - 60 learning hours.

“Can my employer pay for me to enrol?”

Yes. Over 90% of individuals enrolling on APA courses seek funding from their employer first. If your employer is willing to fund your enrolment cost, we can invoice your employer and enrol you on the course as soon as payment is received. Please contact us on courses@ap-association.co.uk to make this arrangement.

“How do I enrol?”

Enrolment is very easy – Simply navigate to the top or bottom of this page where you will find a button ‘Buy £xx’ . Click this button; follow the instructions for enrolment and payment. As soon as you have completed these simple steps, you will receive an email containing instructions on how to begin your chosen course.

“Can I display letters after my name?”

Yes, for those who are APA Induction certified, they can display APAI after their name. For APA Technician it’s APAT and for APA Manager it’s APAM.

“Do I get a certificate?”

Yes, upon completion of your chosen course, you will receive a certificate in the post from the Accounts Payable Association with your unique student number and APA stamp of approval.

“Is there an exam?”

There is a multiple choice exam at the end of the course which is also completed online. Our courses and exams have been designed to be very user friendly.

“Can I enrol on this course without completing any of the other APA courses?”

Yes, you can choose which course you feel suits you most – although our advice is not to stretch yourself too far as you may struggle. A general rule of thumb is if you have less than 6 months AP experience, start from the beginning with the APA Induction course.  

APA Student Testimonials

"Using my certification I have updated my linked profile allowing others to view & commit to support the AP industry I a so passionate and proud of"

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Kathryn - AP Analyst has just completed the APA technician certificate programme

"I was surprised by the amount of content in the course all of which has helped me understand and define my current role

My current AP Manger supported my studies throughout the course

I now feel part of a community of AP Professionals

I am already signed up and taking the APA Managers certification".

Niall - A senior AP Professional recently took the APA Managers certification and passed with flying colours..

"The course was well written & structured outlining a lot of the areas I have to manage on a day to day basis" "Now I have completed and passed the APAM certification my employers have recognised the programme which is being rolled out company wide" "Using my certification I have updated my linked profile allowing others to view & commit to support the AP industry I a so passionate and proud of"

APA Managers Certification 6 x £115.00