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The Accounts Payable Induction Certificate

Accounts Payable Association Certified Training Courses

Accounts Payable Association certified training courses are transforming the AP industry by offering the opportunity to gain a recognised and valued qualification.

Unlike other business functions, Accounts Payable professionals have not had access to certified training from a professional body.

This has led to complaints of no visible career paths, not being appreciated, and feeling undervalued. Individuals that wanted to take actions to advance their own careers had few options.

Managers had no resources to support staff training or succession planning. When interviewing staff there was limited quantifiable evidence of capability available.

In a recent survey we carried out, 70% of AP professionals said access to qualifications and training would assist their professional development.

The APA Now Offers a Solution for the Accounts Payable Industry

The Accounts Payable Association (APA) now offers Certified Training Courses that will benefit the entire AP industry.

  • Courses are accredited by the only AP professional body, the APA.
  • Individuals can take charge of their own career advancement.
  • Employers have access to training resources for their staff.
  • Candidates have recognised qualifications to present at interview.
  • AP professionals can keep up to date with new technologies, processes, and procedures.

Courses from the Only Accounts Payable Association in the UK

The Accounts Payable Association (APA) now offers Certified Training Courses that will benefit the entire AP industry.

You can gain both credibility and recognition from our 3 Courses that give you the opportunity to gain certificated evidence of your knowledge and capabilities of the accounts Payable function.

As an individual you can accelerate your career progression and boost your income. Managers can increase the effectiveness of their team and improve efficiency.

Simply select the course appropriate for your current level of Accounts Payable skills and experience, then click the link to see more information.

APA Induction Certificate

The APA Induction Certificate is the foundation course out of the three AP courses provided by the APA and is ideally suited to newcomers to the accounts payable profession or as a refresher.The course can also be used by employers as an Induction into their Accounts Payable department

It is proven that employers often look for certification as the differentiator when recruiting thus saving an certification in your chosen field will alternately help in your long term career.

The APA Induction certificate helps you to identify all of the core processes & procedures needed to work within and Accounts Payable function.

After completion of the APA Induction certificate you will be able to publish your certificate on Linkedin for future employers/recruiters demonstrating your AP capabilities.

The APA Induction course covers areas such as Invoice processing, payments, VAT etc (a full breakdown of the content is listed at bottom of page)

After surveying a large number of Accounts Payable professionals recognition, training & reward always come top of the list...

Our courses are designed to provide employers for the first time a recognised certification specific to Accounts Payable.

Reasons To Take The APA Induction Course

There are numerous reasons to take the APA Induction Course:

  • Be an early holder of the APA Induction Certificate
  • Learn more about the role of AP within business
  • Learn some foundational principles and aspects about AP within a business
  • Advance your AP knowledge and develop career prospects
  • Demonstrate a commitment and enthusiasm to AP
  • Network with fellow AP professionals also starting their AP careers in our online forums


Niall - A senior AP Professional recently took the APA Managers certification and passed with flying colours..

"The course was well written & structured outlining a lot of the areas i have to manage on a day to day basis" "Now i have completed and passed the APAM certification my employers have recognised the programme which is being rolled out company wide" "Using my certification i have updated my linked profile allowing others to view & commit to support the AP industry i a so passionate and proud of"

Kathryn - AP Analyst has just completed the APA technician certificate programme

"I was surprised by the amount of content in the course all of which has helped me understand and define my current role"

"My current AP Manger supported my studies throughout the course"

"I now feel part of a community of AP Professionals"

"I am already signed up and taking the APA Managers certification"

Don’t Get Left Behind

If you don’t take action now to change your life and career, your life and career won’t change.

If you ignore what the APA courses can offer you, nothing will change. The longer you leave it the more you will get left behind because more people working in AP roles will gain these qualifications.

For managers and business owners wanting the benefits of highly trained staff, and for individuals wanting the rewards of career advancement, the APA courses are what will produce that change.

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The Accounts Payable Association courses have been written by a number industry experts with a broad spectrum of Accounts Payable expertise. We understand that not everyone wants to become a "qualified accountant" so our certification programmes are specifically designed to give students up to date knowledge of Accounts Payable.

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