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Accounts Payable Certified Courses

Accounts Payable Association certified training courses are transforming the AP industry by offering the opportunity to gain a recognised and valued qualification.

Unlike other business functions, Accounts Payable professionals have not had access to certified training from a professional body.

This has led to complaints of no visible career paths, not being appreciated, and feeling undervalued. Individuals that wanted to take actions to advance their own careers had few options.

Managers had no resources to support staff training or succession planning. When interviewing staff there was limited quantifiable evidence of capability available.

In a recent survey we carried out, 70% of AP professionals said access to qualifications and training would assist their professional development.

What Price do you put on your Career?

Our courses offer career progression and will always cost less than the pay increases you should secure in the job market after completing them.

APA Technician Certification

Begin your APA certification journey today...

The APA Technician course will help you to identify all of the core processes and procedures needed to work within an Accounts Payable function. The course will provide you with in-depth knowledge of all relevant areas of Transactional Finance.

Why enrol on the APA Technician Course?

  • Join the growing elite group of Accounts Payable Association certified AP Technicians in the UK.
  • Gain an indepth understanding of the AP function within all sized businesses.
  • Give yourself the skills to progress to the next level.
  • Stand out from the crowd and increase your own personal earning potential with an industry recognised certification.
  • Gain access to discussion forums exclusively for AP certified individuals.

What does the APA Technician course cover?

Example Modules include:

  • Invoice processing
  • Suppliers
  • Payments
  • VAT
  • Technology
  • Compliance and Controls
  • Technology
  • and much more (a full curriculum is available below)

After completion of the APA Technician course, you will receive a copy of your official certificate awarded by The APA. You will also be able to publish your certificate on Linkedin for future employers, recruiters and fellow LinkedIn members to view.

Many leading employers globally are actively seeking AP professionals holding the APAT certification and are paying a premium for certified professionals.

APA certified courses provide employers and AP professionals an industry recognised certification specific to Accounts Payable.

Enrolling is simple - click the 'Buy' button at the top of this page. 

Enter your details and you will be directed to your own personal dashboard within the AP Academy where you can begin your course, track your own progress and enroll in other APA courses.

Or call our course enrollment team on 01798 861189

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Benefits of APA Certification

APA Certified Courses are the leading courses for the Accounts Payable industry

  • Increased knowledge of Accounts Payable processes

  • A Certification recognised by leading employers globally

  • Increased earning potential and career progression

  • Join the APA member network and attend the APA annual conference

  • Ongoing support and guidance within your career

Course curriculum

  • 1

    APA Overview & Introduction

    • Welcome!

    • APA Intro Video

    • APA Study Guide

    • Lets get to know you

    • Join Your Community!

  • 2

    Educational Podcast Series

    • APA Podcast Introduction

    • Putting the AP in hAPpy

    • Passionate about People, Process and Technology

    • Developing the right skills to advance your career in AP

    • Hit your reset button

    • Creating your personal brand in AP

    • Choosing the AP career from Uni

    • The Journey of an AP Manager

  • 3

    Chapter 1 - Process Overview

    • Process - Welcome Video

    • Career in Accounts Payable

    • AP Terminology Video

    • Accounting Terminology

    • Procurement - Video

    • Procurement & Procure to Pay

    • Invoice and Transaction Management - Video

    • Invoice Function, Handling & Types

    • Requisitions and Purchase Orders - Video

    • Requisition PO Statement Req

    • Procurement Cards - Video

    • Procurement Cards

    • Payments - Video

    • Payments

    • Cash Management - Video

    • Cash Management

    • Process Quiz

  • 4

    Chapter 2 - Suppliers

    • Supplier Management Video

    • Supplier Management - Introduction

    • Supplier Management, Access and Control - Video

    • Supplier Management - Access and Control

    • Supplier Setup - Video

    • Supplier Management - Supplier Setup

    • Supplier Management and Verification - Video

    • Supplier Management - Supplier Verification & Maintenance

    • Supplier Relationships - Video

    • Supplier Management - Supplier Relationships

    • Suppliers Quiz

  • 5

    Chapter 3 - VAT

    • VAT Video

    • VAT Basics

    • VAT Quiz

  • 6

    Chapter 4 - Technology

    • Technology - Welcome Video

    • Overview

    • AP Technology Solutions

    • AP Mail Solutions - Video

    • Document Management Mail

    • Technology Quiz

  • 7

    Chapter 5 - Compliance & Controls

    • Compliance & Controls - Welcome Video

    • Compliance & Controls

    • Compliance & Controls Quiz

  • 8

    Chapter 6 - Travel & Entertainment

    • Travel & Entertainment Expenses Video

    • Travel & Entertainment

    • Travel & Entertainment Quiz

Pricing options

You can pay online or we can invoice your employer as below..

Here's what our student say

Fantastic AP Manager Course

Adam Griffiths

Thanks to the Accounts Payable Association for the fantastic AP Manager course they offer. I Have just completed the course and final tests to receive my APAM certification. Would absolutely recommend the course!

Amazing Course!

Nadine Samuel

Amazing Course which has reminded me how important and specialised the area of Transactional Finance that I am passionate about is. Sometimes you get demotivated in your chosen career and forget why you chose this career path!

Enjoyed Every Module!

Roberto Lecora

A well structured course and great personal development investment. I am glad that I have decided to complete the APA Team Leader Certification, I have enjoyed every module of the course!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • “Do I need to buy and learning material?

    No, all of the learning materials required for undertaking and successfully completing the course are included within the online learning management system, which you will have access to for 12 months.

  • “Can my employer pay for me to enrol?”

    Yes. Over 90% of individuals enrolling on APA courses seek funding from their employer first. If your employer is willing to fund your enrolment cost, we can invoice your employer and enrol you on the course as soon as payment is received. Please contact us on courses@ap-association.co.uk to make this arrangement.

  • “How do I enrol?”

    Enrolment is very easy – Simply navigate to the top or bottom of this page where you will find a button ‘Buy £xx’ . Click this button; follow the instructions for enrolment and payment. As soon as you have completed these simple steps, you will receive an email containing instructions on how to begin your chosen course.

  • “Can I display letters after my name?”

    Yes, for those who are APA Induction certified, they can display APAI after their name. For APA Technician it’s APAT and for APA Manager it’s APAM.

  • “Do I get a certificate?”

    Yes, upon completion of your chosen course, you will receive a certificate in the post from the Accounts Payable Association with your unique student number and APA stamp of approval.

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Student Live Reviews & Ratings

5 star rating

Great course with excellent content

Rebecca Price-Palmer

Absolutely thrilled to have completed the Accounts Payable Manager course with the Accounts Payable Association. Great course with excellent content. I wo...

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Absolutely thrilled to have completed the Accounts Payable Manager course with the Accounts Payable Association. Great course with excellent content. I would reccomend this course to anyone working in transactional finance, especially Accounts Receivabale & Billing, as it helps us to understand the challenges in the AP department, and how we can ensure a smooth and strong trading relationship with our customers!

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5 star rating

Excellent Content & Amazing tutor support

Louise Morris

Coming from a Senior Credit Management I wanted to expand my knowledge in Accounts Payable. I took the APA Managers course & was amazed by content, suppo...

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Coming from a Senior Credit Management I wanted to expand my knowledge in Accounts Payable. I took the APA Managers course & was amazed by content, support and thoroughly enjoyed the entire programme. I would definitely recommend the course to any finance professional..

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